Pastor Bill’s Story

1 October 2022

Learn More About Pastor Bill Mitchell

Did you know that before Pastor Bill became a pastor, he was a businessman? For over 25 years, Pastor Bill Mitchell worked in real estate, both commercial and residential, and managed a number of real estate offices and staff.

He says, “My first language is business. I understand business and businesspeople . . . then I came into the church world and left that behind.” After several years in full-time vocational ministry, Pastor Bill had a realization: he knew the business world and he knew the ministry world. Why should they be separate? Why not bring them together?

And so, CityLead was born.

The verse that inspired Pastor Bill, and which guides the mission of CityLead, is Jeremiah 29:7, which says, “But seek the welfare of the city . . . and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare, you will find your welfare.”

Here at CityLead, we believe that not only are we to pray for those around us, but we are also to work together for the common good of our community. As Pastor Bill says, “one of the problems churches and pastors have is that the city knows all the things we are against. They know very little about what we are for.” So, the goal of CityLead is to bring different groups of people together who are normally considered separate: churches, civic leaders, businesspeople, and nonprofit organizations, and “seek the welfare of the city” together and help it flourish.

For followers of Christ in the workplace, Pastor Bill has an encouragement: “You have a high calling from God. [As a pastor], I can bring people to the church. . . but I can’t go into your place of work. But you can.” And CityLead is here to equip, encourage, and prepare you to be able to do just that.

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