CityLead Expands Reach and Inspires Leaders Internationally with Two Successful Events in Alphaville, Brazil

2 August 2023

Our CityLead team continues to spread  the message of effective leadership through collaboration and connection. Not only have we begun expanding in  local communities, we have continued reaching into international regions. We’re thrilled to share that we recently organized two CityLead events in Brazil, specifically in Alphaville, an area in Sao Paulo. At these gatherings, Speaker and Pastor Bill Mitchell discussed the topic of the “Paradox of Leadership.” 

Throughout this time we have been actively continuing the conversation with pastors and leaders in Brazil who are considering the idea of bringing regular CityLead gatherings to their cities. The response has been very positive and many have expressed their eagerness to embrace the CityLead concept and integrate it into their communities.

CityLead left a great impact on two churches in Alphaville. They received CityLead with gratitude and thankfulness for its impact on the leaders they gathered from their community. We hope to continue this momentum as we continue to spread the mission and vision of having excellent leadership in your community, and business. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our reach and inspire leaders worldwide.

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