Empowering Global City Engagement | CityLead Trip to Dubai

27 February 2023

Our CityLead team traveled in February 2023 to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with the primary mission of sharing the vision and purpose of CityLead with leaders from over 30 countries within the Middle East. Our team was invited by Movement Day, an organization  that has been actively promoting city-focused engagement since its launch in 2010. Movement Day serves as a platform for the gathering of ministry, marketplace, and non-profit leaders who share a passion for cities and the Gospel of Jesus.

Our CityLead team collaborated with the leaders of Movement Day Middle East’s Scholars Program, a program that takes these leaders through a three-year certificate training program designed for leaders working in their own cities, to illustrate how CityLead can be effectively used on a monthly basis as a solution to foster community connections among marketplace leaders and non-profit organizations in their own cities. Throughout the conference, our team addressed an audience of over 600 leaders, showcasing the potential of their platform in their own city to drive positive change.

Our sessions fostered critical discussions about the potential of CityLead in their own home communities. Many left eager to begin a CityLead Host site back home and our conversations continue to grow as we continue expanding to many global regions.

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