Unity in the Face of Storms: CityLead SWFL Launches

31 August 2023

The new CityLead host site in Estero, Florida, officially launched on August 31, 2023 marking a significant milestone for the local community. Rather than sitting in silence after the devastating results from Hurricane Ian on the west coast of Florida, Ocean Church and National Christian Foundation recognized a need in this community like no other. The initiative to begin a CityLead Host site was no question for these two organizations. After seeing their community rally together after the storm to rebuild and support each other, they wanted this feeling of authenticity in the city, in relationships and also in leadership to continue. From this drive, “CityLead SWFL” was born.

Ocean Church and National Christian Foundation’s partnership is firmly rooted in a shared vision of fostering unity and collaboration within their community. By hosting CityLead, they aim to establish a platform that not only celebrates ethical and authentic leadership but also actively engages community members in conversations and actions that drive meaningful impact. 

The excitement in Estero, Florida continues to build as they use CityLead to bring the leaders of their city together as a positive way to influence, change and continue strengthening their community relations. 

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