CityLead Conference Inspires Ethical Leadership and Community Development

14 September 2023

On September 14, CityLead kicked off the Season with its annual CityLead Conference. The conference took place in Boca Raton, providing an opportunity for guests and their teams to gather for a half-day event led by Speaker and Pastor Bill Mitchell along with many others who spoke on valuable leadership topics throughout the day. The conference centered around how to “Lead with Justice, Mercy, Humility, and Authenticity.” It featured four sessions designed to deepen participants’ personal leadership capabilities. Each session encouraged in-depth discussions, fostering both personal and collective growth.

The first session, “Lead with Justice,” emphasized ethical leadership and the importance of moral courage, drawing inspiration from historical figures like William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King, Jr. Pastor Bill and Elizabeth Mitchell spoke on “Leading with Mercy,” where they explored leading with compassion, using Viktor Frankl’s Holocaust experiences to illustrate finding meaning in adversity.

From there, they continued with the topic of how to “Lead with Humility.” The concept of humility in leadership was looked at using valuable insights from Henri Nouwen. A session on authentic leadership, led by Cameron Free, CityLead Director challenged attendees to reflect on their values, nurture trust within their teams, and maintain humility and authenticity in their leadership roles while prioritizing personal and team development.

We anticipate that this conference will bring about authenticity in the participants’ communities and encourage development in our ever evolving world for years to come. 

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