CityLead Expands to Accra, Ghana, Fostering Unity and Growth Across Borders

24 August 2023

Accra, Ghana, stands as a bustling hub for market-place leaders across Western Africa. Our newest host site, CityLead Accra, officially launched on August 24 at Calvary Baptist Church-Shiashie. The local community is anticipating increased growth and impact on the leaders of the city.

One of Accra’s primary objectives is to use CityLead as a powerful platform to bridge the gap between church and business leaders. They recognize the potential for positive change that arises from this collaboration not only within their community, but also throughout the broader West African region.

While CityLead continues its expansion, both within the United States and internationally, its core message remains the same. Regardless of location, culture, or community, when people come together to learn, grow, and collaborate, they hold the collective ability to shape their communities into better places for living, working, worshiping, and raising families. A unique aspect CityLead Accra incorporates into their event is their array of tasty refreshments including fresh coconut, juice, and delicious pastries.

CityLead Accra hopes to continue to inspire and unite leaders to promote positive community change.

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