CityLead Around the World: Nepal

8 November 2022

CityLead continues to grow, spreading the message that when we learn and grow together, we can impact our communities for good. 

On a recent trip to Nepal, we were able to share with over forty leaders from countries including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal about the importance of managing your time and schedule along with other foundational leadership principles. Leaders from Awana who attended this session shared what CityLead means to them: “I believe CityLead is so important and will help us share the gospel in our communities,” and “We have been impacted by the leadership of Boca Community for many years, and we are so grateful to be able to start CityLead in our city and impact leaders.”

Thank you for joining us in our journey as we grow and spread important lessons about life, work, and leadership across the globe. We can’t wait to give you more exciting updates.

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