You Can’t Do It Alone

CityLead is committed to bringing business people from across the city to work together for the common good of the area. We do this by providing teaching on how to lead ourselves, how to lead a team, and how to lead a movement larger than ourselves. This month, we’re learning about how to lead a team, including the importance of working together. Because we can’t do it alone.

You Can’t Do It Alone 

In his book, the E-Myth, Michael E. Gerber makes the case that entrepreneurs cannot turn their small businesses into large companies by themselves. They have to have help and a strong team to support them. Today, we’re beginning by looking at what makes a good team and the best practices for leading a team that is both effective and efficient. 

Working Groups Vs. Teams

In today’s business culture, there are two types of work models. The first is a working group, in which everyone reports to a single leader or boss. Every person does their job in their own silo and only interacts with their direct superior. The second is a team, where everyone works together in a collaborative environment and is accountable to each other and the team leader.

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