Who’s Got the Monkey?

Welcome to CityLead, an initiative we started to bring people across the country together for the good of our cities. We believe each of you is the key to making this happen. We want to help you by giving you premium content each month that can teach you how to lead yourselves, lead your teams, and lead a movement. In this CityLead session, we’re going to focus on developing our own self-leadership.

Who’s Got the Monkey?

A classic Harvard Business Review article, reprinted regularly due to its popularity, used the analogy of, “the monkey on your back,” to talk about the subject of time management, and how we handle the way people pass off responsibilities, aka “the monkey,” to us. In this CityLead session, we’re going to focus on the “monkeys” or responsibilities we all have to deal with at work.

Five Types of Work Time

To expand on Harvard Business Review’s principles, there are five types of time at work. The way we manage and look at these types of time can determine whether we handle our responsibilities well, or whether we get burnt out.

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