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In this CityLead session, we’re continuing our series on uncovering the genius in other industries. Recently, CityLead founder and speaker Pastor Bill Mitchell was able to travel to Switzerland to meet with businesses and organizations to see how they run. We’re going to uncover the values held by one of these businesses: Läderach, a prominent Swiss chocolatier, and see how we can implement these same values in our own businesses and lives.


Läderach Values

1. People Matter

The Läderach charter states, “For us, every person is unique and valuable.” They believe regardless of our differences, what unites us is greater than what divides us and that differing opinions and viewpoints deserve respect. By taking this approach, Läderach opens the door for new perspectives that enable them to grow as a company and as people.

2. Authenticity Matters

Läderach is transparent about how they source, produce and market their fresh, high-quality products. Internally and externally, Läderach openly communicates about their actions, ideas, and goals, and they work hard to improve every day.

3. What You Do and Where You Do It Matters

Läderach promotes their brand. They are known for their freshness and craftsmanship. They are innovators in their industry, creating and patenting the manufacturing process to make the thin-walled chocolate that is used to encase truffles. In everything they do, they reflect their love of Switzerland, its culture, and its traditions. To them, the Swiss Alps is their home and the world is their guest. 

4. The Future Matters

With careful planning and an eye on the company’s future, Läderach expanded in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, purchasing 40 Godiva Chocolates retail stores. They are a family-run company that cares about their legacy, successfully passing down the leadership of the Läderach Group twice from one generation to another. And every decision they make is to ensure the company continues to have success for future generations. 

Now that you’ve heard the inspirational way Läderach chocolates runs its organization, it’s your turn. What lessons can you take away from this and apply to your own business or organization?

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