Uncovering Genius – Sports

Found in Series: Uncovering Genius

Here at CityLead, we gather on the first Thursday of every month to talk about ways we can raise the bar of character and ethics in the community to make our cities better places to work, live, play, worship, and raise a family. Today, we’re going to start the first session in our series of “uncovering genius.” We’ll be hearing the stories of others who are successful in their fields to learn from them and hopefully gain a little wisdom ourselves.

Uncovering Genius – Sports

What lessons can people like Tom Brady, Bethany Hamilton, the 1953 Hungary National Soccer (Football) team, Michael Chang, Bobby Jones, and Eric Liddell teach us?

1. Tom Brady on the practice field

Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. But even Tom Brady still has more to learn about football. Among his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates, he is known for thanking and paying any member of the practice team who shows him up on the practice field and reveals a weakness that he needs to improve – from his own pocket.

What can we learn from this?

  • Remember those who help you get to where you are
  • Always be teachable

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