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Today in our CityLead series on “Uncovering Genius,” we’re talking about the importance of hospitality and the way it can break through barriers in business. 

What is Hospitality?

Today, there are major shifts in attitude and belief happening in society. We’ve gone from an attitude of faith, love, community, contribution, and rest, to doubt, insecurity, individualism, consumption and exhaustion. 

At CityLead, we believe the way for businesses and organizations to break through these barriers and forge connections with their clients and communities is by showing hospitality. 

  • Is the ability to make people feel welcome, comfortable, and important.
  • Connects people to your vision.
  • Helps you set the platform for what you need to do and opens the door to people’s hearts, minds, wallets, etc.
Best Practices

Some best practices CityLead recommends for showing hospitality to others are:

  • Give a strong first impression
  • Show proper eye contact
  • Warmly greet and welcome
  • Connect the customer with their passion
  • Provide immediate service recovery
  • Thank each customer on their way out the door

We also recommend that when mistakes happen, you:

  • Acknowledge the mistake;
  • Apologize;
  • Assume the responsibility;
  • And ask for forgiveness.

Case Studies in Hospitality

Now that we’ve broken down the principles, let’s look at some companies and organizations for whom great hospitality is just part of their DNA.

Case Study 1: Why are there no mosquitoes in Disney World?

Logically, since Walt Disney World is built on swampland in Central Florida, you would think visitors would be covered in mosquito bites all the time. When constructing his theme park, Walt Disney saw the issues this could cause and brought in Joe Potter, former governor of the Panama Canal Zone, and expert in managing mosquitoes, to help. Through Potter’s help, Walt Disney constructed a haven away from mosquitoes in the middle of Florida, where visitors could spend a week riding rides and relaxing at resorts without having to deal with one mosquito bite. What do we learn from this? Hospitality protects. 

Case Study 2: Turning Employees into Participant Observers

At the Ritz Carlton, their motto is, “Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” This kind of mentality elevates employees from mere workers in your organization, to participants in the experience you’re providing. It requires them to take part in what is going on so they can see where improvements should be made. What do we learn from this? When you have this kind of mentality as the basis of your company, you get warmth, believability, and relatability. This, in turn, gives your clients a sense of true hospitality. 

We know there are a lot of challenges to overcome in today’s business environment. But here at CityLead, we believe we can overcome these through working together, and honoring our customers, clients, and communities through showing genuine hospitality and care. 

If you’d like to get more tips like these or learn more about hosting your own CityLead gathering, contact cameron@citlylead.com for more information. 

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