The Heart of a Leader

If this is your first experience with CityLead, or your first time reading our CityLead TakeAway, we want to welcome you! Here at CityLead, we believe that by coming together once a month as a business community, we can make each of our cities a better place to live, work, worship, and play. In every CityLead session, we look at one of three types of leadership through a Biblical lens: self-leadership, team leadership, and organizational leadership.

Today, we’re talking about the heart of a leader,* which includes the ideal essence, characteristics, and attitude of a leader. As you go through the content in this CityLead TakeAway, we’d like you to ask yourself five questions as you consider what you do in your business or nonprofit, and in your relationships, and how you can use your gifts, abilities, and resources to improve the community where you are.

Question 1: Are you passionate about what you do?

103,000. On average, that’s the number of hours someone will work at a job in their lifetime if they work 47 hours a week for 47 weeks a year for 47 years. Now ask yourself, are you passionate enough about what you do to spend 103,000 hours or more doing it? If not, it might be time to look for a new job or career. If you don’t already know your passion, find someone else who knows theirs and learn from them.

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