Off Balance – Leading Growth – Sustainability and Scale Part 4

Found in Series: Off Balance

For the past few months at CityLead, we’ve been talking about how to get back on balance during this volatile time in business, and the importance of sustainability and scale in helping us do this. In this CityLead session, we’re talking about how to manage our own personal time and energy so we can not only maintain our current level of business, but also grow. 

Before you start any new initiative or project, we at CityLead recommend asking, “Do I have the time and energy to do this?”. To determine the answer to this question, first take stock of your energy—your physical and mental capacity to do what you need to do.

1. Body

– Evaluate your physical energy.

2. Emotions

– This involves determining the quality of your energy. Do you have the capacity for gratitude, generosity, telling the truth, etc.

3. Mind

– Your mind is the focus of your energy—your attention span, rhythm of your day, etc. Do you need to change your pace or your place? Do you focus better if you stand or sit?

4. Spirit

– At CityLead, we don’t often talk about the spiritual side of our lives, but it is a critical aspect of life. Here is where we get our meaning and purpose. It determines our values and our priorities. 

Next, evaluate how you spend your time. Are you managing it well?

1. Do your possessions control you?

– Or do you have control over them?

2. Are your intentions good, but your time is lacking?

– We are more likely to help others if we feel we have the time to do so. 

3. Have you left room for margin in your life?

– When you don’t leave room for error, or for unplanned things to occur, your life and schedule will be so full that when something urgent happens, you will not have the capacity to deal with it.

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