Lean Into Relationships

Here at CityLead, we want to provide the space for leaders to come together to learn about leadership and realize we all have a common goal – to make our community live, work, worship, play, and raise a family. Each month, we will be learning about different aspects of leadership – whether it’s self-leadership, leading a team, or leading a movement. This month, we’re learning about the importance of relationships, no matter where you’re leading. 

Lean Into Relationships

Authors Gordon MacDonald and Alan Platt are teachers, speakers, and authors who have written about the importance of relationship-building in leadership. In this CityLead session, we’ll be using some of the resources they’ve created, along with Pastor Bill Mitchell’s own material.

Types and Conditions of Relationships

To understand how best to lean into relationships, we first have to look at the types of relationships that exist in the world, along with the varying conditions of those relationships and how they affect us.

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