Creating Effective Movement

Many companies have goals and mottos they say guide the actions their business takes. But do they actually follow those goals? There are many examples of companies that have risen and fallen based on whether their products and results hold true to their stated goal.  In today’s CityLead session, we’re asking you to take an honest look at whether you or your company follow through on your goals. Then, we’ll teach you how to help your team move forward together toward your common goal. 

Effective goal setting to help you reach your target

To help us with this, we’re going to use an illustration by Malcolm Webber, who is influential in leader development. Take a look at the graph below to see the final result.

  1. First, we must think. In this graph, you’ll notice the top arrow pointing backward. This is because when thinking about the future, it’s better to start at the endpoint, the final goal, and work your way back to the present. 
  2. Then, we must act. The bottom arrow is pointing forward because whatever action you take, it has to start now and continue forward. 
  3. In the circle is the word goal. This is the what; the thing you want to attain. Start with the what, and work your way backward to the triangle, which represents where you are now, and is where you’ll find the why. Knowing your why will help you design your plan for reaching the what. In the middle of the two is the process and people; the how and the who. How are you going to reach your goal and who will you need to help you accomplish it?

How do we move people in this process?

You may be saying, “Ok, this is great. I’ve set my goal, I know my what and my why, but how do I get my team to come along with me? How do I get them to take my vision and run with it?” Below, we have some simple steps that can help in this process. 

1. Clarity

When trying to help your team catch your vision, clarity is critical. Having true clarity and understanding among your team members requires over-communicating and reinforcing until you are sure everyone on your team understands your vision and their role in it. 

2. Alignment

Whatever your goal, you will not make any progress unless your team is aligned in the process, moving together in the same direction.

3. Focus

Set aside the things or plans that might distract you and your team from your ultimate goal and focus on accomplishing the steps that will get you where you want to be.

4. Movement

Once the goal is clear, your team is aligned, and you are all focused on the goal, it’s time for your team to begin acting on what you’ve planned, moving forward together. 

We hope today’s CityLead session will help you reach your goals and bring about clarity and alignment in your company or organization so that you can make your community a better place to live, work, worship, and play. If you’d like to get more content and find out how to host a CityLead gathering in your city, contact for more information.

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