CityLead Kalamazoo


​Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Centerpoint Church are partnering together to bring an exciting leadership initiative to our community.

CityLead Kalamazoo is a monthly business lunch that explores how Biblical principles apply in the workplace. This event is attended by professionals who want to learn how to grow in their leadership in the areas of trust, team building, clarity, focus, and more. Our goal is to raise the bar of ethics and character to make Kalamazoo the best place to work, live, and play.  

Hear from Bill Mitchell, a 25-year businessman, who now serves as the Senior Pastor of Boca Raton Community Church. Our hope and prayer is that CityLead will become the best forum for business men and women in your city.

You’re Invited!

Come to our next CityLead Kalamazoo.

  • April 14 @ 12:00 – Centerpoint Church
  • May 12 @ 12:00 – Mt. Zion Baptist Church
  • June 9 @ 12:00 – Centerpoint Church


Centerpoint Church
2345 North 10th Street • Kalamazoo, MI • 49009

Mt. Zion Baptist Church
120 Roberson Street • Kalamazoo, MI • 49007

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